1. Plan, equip, dispose

2. Working mobile and connected

3. Excellent and integrated reporting

4. Trigger overarching measures

Intuitive. Offline capable. Real-time synchronized.

Digital audits are the core function of the Reportheld platform. Start the processing of a protocol on your tablet, continue with the integration of pictures and notes on your smartphone, and finish the processing at home or in the office on the desktop using the mouse and keyboard. In contrast to standard solutions, Reportheld ensures seamless execution even with highly complex audits thanks to flexible individualization and specific customer service.

Here we present our essential functions for multi-layered scenarios, which can also be supplemented according to your requirements.

Mobile data acquisition with Reportheld

Use your smartphone or tablet for digital audits outside the office. With Reportheld, your processes, checklists, forms, and safety instructions are implemented according to your ideas for mobile devices.

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An extract of our features for mobile working

Real-time synchronization

Reportheld enables several technicians to work together on different devices on protocols and reports.

Offline capability

Reportheld also works in remote areas, where the cellular connection can only be available to a limited extent, especially in closed buildings.

Integrated error catalog

Integration of complex error catalogs including detailed error descriptions, degrees of severity, legal texts, reference images and recommendations for action.

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