Tailor-made functionality and flexibility

Reportheld is the most flexible mobile collaboration solution in the market. With Reportheld, pictures as well as sketches that you draw directly on your display, barcode and other extras like text recognition can easily be incorporated in your report. Reportheld is enterprise-ready and can be integrated into your existing systems. Please let us know, if you have any further requirements. As Reportheld is tailor-made for each customer, we are positive to find the 100% solution for exactly your process.

Offline capabilities that really work

Our customers often operate in remote areas. Cell phone coverage especially inside closed structures can be limited. Reportheld works reliably even when offline or with unreliable connections. Generating new protocols or adding to existing ones is done just as if online. Even collaboration between engineers is possible, while offline.

Our award-winning framework

The heritage of our framework is in the medical industry. With Mediheld, we developed the first mobile collaboration solution to improve medical care especially in rural areas. Due to the extraordinary capabilities, stability and data-security of our framework we received a significant sponsorship by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Due to the innovation content of Reportheld we are under the Top-3 Finalists of the IT Innovation Price 2016 by the German Initiative Mittelstand.

Unique usability

Reportheld is easy to handle as it comes with intuitive surfaces and menu structures and guarantees superfast interaction. Normally, your team does not need to be trained or even read a complicated user-manual.

Beautiful design

We know about the importance of good design and that it’s not only about nice looks, but also about thoughtful usability. Thats why we allocate significant resources to define a well-structured but yet minimalistic design and menustructure. We believe that this pays off immediately pays off when our applications are implemented in your company and instantly earn the full acceptance of your team.

Fastest implementation

Due to our strong framework and highly experienced team of both software developers and business process experts we achieve high scores when comes to implementation speed. Depending on your specific requirements it is often possible to implement Reportheld in less than six weeks.

Excited high-profile customers

Among others, BayWa r.e. already uses Reportheld for Windpower and Solar Panel maintenance internationally and is excited. The largest Bavarian Fashion- and Shoe Retailer uses Reportheld for its procurement Additionally Pharmacies and healthcare supply shops in Bavaria use sister software Mediheld to orchestrate Medical Care in rural areas.

Developed by groupXS

Reportheld is developed by groupXS. We are a team of highly experienced software developers and business process experts, that is passionate about Smart Mobile Collaboration. We believe that carefullistening is key when finding the best solution and live a culture of maximum transparency and open feedback. Compared to other players in the market – especially to the established ones – we believe that we differentiate ourselves by passion, flexibility and deep understanding of customer requirements. We think differently. And that’s good.

Made and hosted in Germany

Reportheld is developed, maintained and hosted in Germany. The team is located in Bayreuth and we use dedicated servers located in Frankfurt/Main.