Displaying complex processes with Reportheld over and about the digital inspection

Inspections and audits never come singly. Generally, it is not only about documenting a certain condition. From what is documented, concrete actions result.

Integrating complex decision trees and follow-up tasks

In the easiest case, a sms or an email is sent, when the condition of a plant is recorded.

But also complex processes and event chains can be displayed by Reportheld.  For example, the automated incorporation of the technical director, if ten moderately severe or three severe abnormalities are detected. Besides thre notification, the technical director receives a proposed date for their Outlook calendar to recheck the condition after three months. Furthermore, an email template to send to the shareholders of the involved pits and a checklist with all the points that have to be attended, is generated.

With which tools? Camunda or your own BPMN system

For the integration of comprehensive workflows, we rely on the BPMN Tool Camunda. The integration to Reportheld is established and our BPMN experts have long experience in displaying complex workflows with path dependencies, decision matrix and sparked off follow-up processes.

You already work with a high-performance BPMN engine? No problem, we can follow you and bind your tool on Reportheld.

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