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Maintenance jobs digital

The power supply operation of Stadtwerke Bayreuth digitizes its service
and maintenance work with Reportheld

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Dr. Sandra Seifert,
Head of work preparation
Stadtwerke Bayreuth GmbH

Project management Stadtwerke Bayreuth GmbH

"With the Reportheld Team, we have found the ideal partner for this project. The combination of intuitive applications and very deep adaptability to our processes convinced us."

Florian Kriegel,
Project manager
Reportheld team

Your specialist for the digitalization of municipal utilities

"With their special legal requirements, municipal utilities are an exciting task that we are very happy to and successfully take on. Customization, process mapping and personal exchange are always necessary to exploit the full potential of digitization."

Safe operations

Reportheld enables technicians from Stadtwerke Bayreuth to carry out simple safety queries. A status query checks that the power supply is switched off when logging in to the app. Therefore, a safe operation is guaranteed.

No more typing paper lists

All steps bundled, clearly accessible with a fraction of the effort on the tablet or smartphone - no manual assignment and recording of photos and defects.

Digital work made easy

A particularly simple and intuitive user interface increases the acceptance among the technicians from Stadtwerke Bayreuth.

Operation management with Reportheld

From operational planning to archiving, Stadtwerke Bayreuth is supported in the digitization of Reportheld.
Planning and disposition are not always predictive. Sometimes incidents that suddenly occur can make planning difficult. With Reportheld, municipal utilities have a variety of options: they can not only carry out long-term planning but also react quickly to unforeseen incidents: malfunction reports are assigned to an employee in the planning board, the assignment is synchronized, processed and automatically archived in real-time.

Stadtwerke Bayreuth

Consistent collaboration in a complex system landscape

Stadtwerke Bayreuth currently using various software tools to manage the master data of the technical infrastructure and to plan the maintenance tasks. Only the errand documentation was still done with pen and paper by the technicians.
“Since 2012, all of our mechanics have a tablet that shows them their daily work and with which they can book their working hours. The digital processing of checklists is the long-overdue next step and for us, also the final step towards the fully digital errand process. With groupXS, we have found the ideal partner for this project. The combination of intuitive applications and very deep adaptability to our processes convinced us. And the spatial proximity, which brings many advantages in the development process, ”reports Dr. Sandra Seifert, Head of Job Planning at Stadtwerke Bayreuth.

The maintenance orders are scheduled digitally with Reportheld. In addition, the technicians document the systems conveniently with their mobile devices. Photos and sketches of the systems are added directly and reported back to the existing systems.
“The challenge is to read information from various sources and use it to automatically generate an interactive planning board for work preparation as well as mobile checklists for the technicians’ smartphones and tablets”, Oliver Fehmel, project manager at groupXS Solutions, summarizes the requirements in the project.

Comprehensive operational planning

Reportheld connects work preparation, technicians, and the power supply operation center.

In addition to work preparation, the control center forms a central point in power supply operation. Here, for example, fault reports from local residents appear. These are assigned to the responsible employees in the field using Reportheld. The processing status and any work to be carried out in further operations are then also transferred back to the control center and work preparation in real-time in order to plan the next operations. In addition, a direct connection to the Stadtwerke website is planned in order to inform the affected residents in the event of a malfunction and to keep them up to date on the troubleshooting.
After the roll-out is completed, almost 100 employees will work with Reportheld in various areas. “The first test runs with Reportheld showed us impressively that we decided on the right solution. We look forward to more! ”, summarizes Sandra Seifert.

Stadtwerke Bayreuth uses Reportheld.

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