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Manufacturers in the field of mechanical and plant engineering digitize their entire process with Reportheld. From planning to downstream customer service, everything runs via the app.

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Your specialist for the digitization of mechanical and plant engineering

" In mechanical and plant engineering, a digitization measure makes particular sense if it maps the entire process. That is why we support our customers with Reportheld from the planning of production to warehousing and after-sales service. In accordance with the individualized processes and requirements, Reportheld networks the work areas and systems and thus ensures maximum benefit. ''

Dennis Sasse, project manager
Reportheld Team

Process optimization

Reportheld enables the optimization of your deployment planning and maintenance preparation through full transparency of the system status.

Predictive maintenance

Thanks to connected sensors and artificial intelligence, proactive maintenance recommendations are made possible with Reportheld.

Discharge of the inspectors

Support your customers with commissioning and maintenance instructions. Employees receive all relevant information on their smartphone or tablet via an app.

Easy evaluation

With Reportheld, all data is in one place, so data analysis is simple, complete and in real time.

Mechanical and plant engineering

Comprehensive process digitization

Manufacturers in the field of mechanical and plant engineering digitize their entire process with Reportheld. From planning to downstream customer service, everything runs via the app. The objective of the consistent mapping of all maintenance-relevant processes in the Reportheld Maintenance Cloud is, in addition to a significant increase in quality and efficiency, above all an increase in the transparency of the machine status over the entire lifecycle.

Three large areas are being digitized at the manufacturer. In order to get a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing processes, so-called assembly trees were created with Reportheld, which map the conceptual factory with all its dependencies. It corresponds to a tree structure in which locations, factories, machines and warehouses are managed and the associated orders and employees are classified according to qualifications. This means that you can see at a glance which component has been installed in which machine, in which plant and at which location and by which employee it is to be checked.

Process optimization

From planning to warehouse management

If defects are found during an inspection, these can be documented in the app and incidents can be created. A maintenance or repair order is then created from this. The deployment planning for the order is carried out using the Reportheld planning board. It brings together all node types such as employee, plant and warehouse management, so that the employee with the appropriate qualifications can be selected directly and it can be checked whether the necessary material is available in sufficient quantities in the warehouse. If this is not the case, the Reportheld team has a built-in SAP connection to the shop system so that orders can be triggered directly. This also makes stocktaking very easy to do via Reportheld. Stock levels can be called up, prices can be compared and the goods can be checked upon receipt.

After sales

Digital maintenance manual

The manufacturer is also supported in the after-sales process. With Reportheld, he gives his customers an automatically generated maintenance plan in which they can also add other systems and maintenance objects as they wish.
The appropriate digital maintenance manual is thus supplied with the systems. Specifically tailored to the configuration of the system delivered: with precise instructions, meaningful images and live updates. The digital maintenance manual also includes a connection to the manufacturer’s spare parts shop, so that orders can be placed directly with him and thus additional revenues are generated in after-sales.

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