Datentransfer in Echtzeit

Exchange data everywhere

Reportheld enables people on different devices to work together on reports, surveys or protocols. This is possible even when working simultaneously on the same document. E.g. one engineer checks the electric installation, while the other focuses on machine parts. The devices synchronize in real-time, and the resulting protocol will include all findings. It could even be finalized and billed to the customer by the back office right away. Reportheld is a tool made to link existing workflows and IT systems. Get data, augment data and export data automatically and with minimum delay.

Full offline capabilities

Our customers often operate in remote areas. Cell phone coverage especially inside closed structures can be limited. Reportheld works reliably even when offline or with unreliable connections. Generating new protocols or adding to existing ones is done just as if online. Even collaboration between engineers is possible, while offline – ask us how!


Integrating error catalogues

  • Integration of complex error catalogues, including detailled descriptions of the errors, severity level, legal text, reference image and guidance
  • The fault condition can be chosen on the basis of short texts, tags and/or reference text on the smartphone or tablet – corresponding additional information will automatically appear in the report
Graphische-ueberarbeitungen vornehmen

Graphical editing

  •  On a mobile device, graphics can be edited as you like – either by already embedded plant specific or genereal sketches
  • Pictures taken by the smartphone or tablet can also be tagged by graphic elements
Berechnungen durchfuehren

Performing computations

  • Reportheld automatically performs computations on demand
  • Thereby,  as an instance, working and pause time or consumpted material can be added up, multiplied or divided
  • Furthermore, we integrate complex calculation algorithms, if required

Dynamic inspections

  • Frequently the number of errors that will be detected is not evident before the service or maybe the detection of a particular error requires a specific inspection method
  • By the plus-functionality reports in Reportheld can be dynamically extended
  • To capture complex if-then-relations requests can be created on the basis of previous entries

PDF/MS Word/CSV: Your Choice

  • Inspection reports can be generated as MS-Word- or PDF document, depending on whether the data will be directly transmitted to the customer or needs to be subedited in office
  • Quantitative analyses are supported by CSV export: the data can be output inspection or location specific as a csv table or can be transferred into your data warehouse

Outputting reports in different layouts

  • Depending on the client or for which international affiliate the report is created, different layouts and languages are available
  • Layouts and languages of a report can also be switched with every service – therefore the report can be created in English but exported in French for instance

No more manual post processing of reports

Information gathered in the field usually needs to be edited and evaluated before presenting it to the client or transferring it into other systems. Those processes are time-consuming, error-prone and complicated. Mobile-First-Data-Acquisition by Reportheld increases your efficency by avoiding those steps.

Reportheld is more than mobile data acquisition

Reportheld always shines, when pictures are complemented by context, categorization or additional information. In cases of constructions or detected defects, real time advice by an expert in the back office is not uncommon und becomes even easier thanks to Reportheld.

Automatic Document Generation

Even though digitalization is getting more common, most information for customers is still presented in hard copy. Reportheld allows for fully automated document generation, no matter whether PDF, Word, Excel or template-based emails. It is as simple as pushing one button.

Easy image handling

No more switching between SD Cards or long searches in the office for the image to add to the document. Adding a picture is as simple as adding text. And of course the reported document can reflect multiple images per entry. Your customers will love the added clarity.

Best form factor

Every step of the process is done on the best form factor available. Start the protocol on a tablet, continue taking pictures and writing small notes onsite using a smartphone and finish writing the protocol in the comfort of your home on the PC with mouse and keyboard. No manual synchronization necessary.


PDF, TXT, Word, Excel, CSV, XML, JSON or almost every other file format. One, some or all of them at the touch of a button.

Multi-language capabilities are built in both for checklist items and generated protocols.

International teams and regional offices are even more important in fast-growing industries like renewable energies. Reportheld lets you define all checklist items for your O&M in multiple languages. That way inspections and protocols are harmonized across countries.

Get were you need to be quicker and without long detours.

The sites are often in remote areas. Locating them and getting there can be challenging at times. Reportheld can display maps to help you get to where you are needed.

Stop worrying about cell phone reception. Reportheld works seamlessly offline.

Power plants often are built in remote areas. Cell phone coverage especially inside the structures can be limited. Reportheld works reliably even when offline or with unreliable connections. Generating new protocols or adding to existing ones is done just as if online.

PDF or Word document generation at the push of a button

Even though digitalization is getting more common, at the end most information for customers are still presented as documents. Reportheld allows for fully automated document generation, no matter if PDF, Word, Excel or template-based emails.