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Digital quality assurance via app with Reportheld

The Einhell group reorganized its quality inspections with the mobile field service app “Reportheld” on their sites in China.

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World wide inspections via app

Reportheld now enables Einhell to carry out quality controls easily and digitally via smartphone, tablet and cloud

No more typing paper lists

All steps are bundled and clearly available on a tablet or smartphone with a fraction of the previous effort

Digital work made easy

Mobile applications and testing processes were individually adapted to Einhell to give the team an easy start to digital testing

Results at a glance

The test instructions are automated and product-specific for the tester. The head office sees all results in real-time in specifically set up dashboards.


Reports directly on site

The quality control results are available in real-time.

Real-time synchronization

Automatic real-time synchronization makes it possible to provide support from the back office in real time without having an expert on site.

Reportheld Einhell – Office-Anwendung
Mobile Fieldservice App

Standardized quality inspections worldwide

The Einhell group reorganized its quality inspections with the mobile field service app “Reportheld” on their sites in China. By that, the global company is responsive to the requirements of global trade. Standardized check routines and maximum technical flexibility are a mark of Einhell’s central place of transshipment now.

As one of the world’s leading supplier for tools, machines, garden and water technology, the Einhell group is engaged in business in 40 countries. The most important production sites are located in China. From there, Einhell ships around 6,000 containers to global sites of its group every year. What is more, the orders differ from each other and therefore, are liable to individual quality control.

Up to now, the company has risen to this challenge with classical pen and paper check lists – each individually assembled and printed for each of the 45 quality inspectors. Subsequent to the inspections, the gathered data had to be typed into the ERP system and images had to be uploaded.

Tobias Ziesemer
"Bei Reportheld haben uns insbesondere die intuitiven und schnellen Oberflächen überzeugt. Außerdem wird die Lösung genau auf unsere Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten. Wir gehen davon aus, dass wir so eine echte Entlastung für unsere Inspekteure erreichen."
Uwe Hekler, IT Manager at Einhell in China
Datentransfer in Echtzeit

Flawless documentation in real-time

With the transition to Reportheld, Einhell pursues two essential goals: saving time and more accurate documentation. Both is achieved by the transfer of inspection results to the headquarter in real time for editing and evaluation. On top, the results of several inspectors can be merged with the help of the Smart Mobile Collaboration® solution.

Für den Global Player mit unterschiedlichsten Einsatzorten spielt zudem die Online- und Offline-Flexibilität der App eine entscheidende Rolle:
„Wenn die Prüfer bei den Produzenten vor Ort im Einsatz sind, ist es wichtig, dass sie mit Reportheld im Zweifel auch offline arbeiten können und die Ergebnisse automatisch mit unserem Navision-System synchronisiert werden, sobald sie wieder online sind“, erläutert Uwe Hekler, IT Manager bei Einhell in China.

Quality control

Individual processes and standardized check routines

Since autumn 2017  quality controls at Einhell in China are digitized thanks to Reportheld. “What makes this project remarkable is the specificity of the so-called inspection instructions, which include tailor-made inspection notes for every shipping”, Tobias Hertkorn, executive manager at groupXS explains.

For the digitization of the logistic processes, Reprotheld relies on the established ERP-System at Einhell: thanks to an interface, the inspection instructions can be set up with Microsoft Navision, just as before. These include all the relevant information for the task:  which components are needed for the shipment? Which quality controls have to be performed? To what extent have the inspectors to sample? In addition, there are reference images, which illustrate good and defective conditions. All information is communicated to Reportheld with API (Application Programming Interface) and provided for every inspector on their mobile device – choice of German, English or Chinese.

Following, Reportheld guides the inspectors through all steps of the inspection and assures that the required data is collected entirely. The inspection results, including images and barcodes, are captured in the mobile app directly on site and synchronized with the ERP system in real time via cloud link.

Reportheld Einhell – Smartphone Anwendung schwarz
Einhell uses Reportheld

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