Digital maintenance manual

Assembly and maintenance 4.0

Deliver machines and systems with the right maintenance software to your customers

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New strategies

New insights into the use and critical points of your systems enable new operating and pricing strategies.

Increase in profit

Secure additional income through direct ordering options in your shop.

Process optimization

Simple planning of operations and preparation for maintenance thanks to full transparency of the system status.

Relief for the inspectors

Support your customers with commissioning and maintenance instructions. Employees receive all relevant information on their smartphone or tablet via app.

Predicitve Maintenance

Thanks to connected sensors and artificial intelligence, proactive maintenance recommendations are made possible with Reportheld.

Simple evaluation

With Reportheld, all data is in one place, making data analysis easy, complete, and in real-time.

This is how Industry 4.0 works in mechanical and plant engineering

Reportheld is the platform with which you provide your customers with all information relevant to installation, operation, and maintenance in intuitive and tailor-made web, Android and iOS applications, interact with your customers and receive all information on the operation of your systems in real time. Deliver the right digital maintenance manual in your corporate design with your systems. Specifically tailored to the configuration of the delivered system: with precise instructions, informative pictures and live updates. In addition, a connection to your spare parts shop in order to place orders with you without detours and thus realize additional proceeds in after-sales.

Predictive planning

Proactive maintenance recommendations thanks to artificial intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Reportheld learns to relate the connected sensors and the logged maintenance operations and to proactively give maintenance and spare parts recommendations.

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All-round service

Realize additional revenues in after sales through individual order suggestions in the app

Reportheld can be connected to your web shop. Based on the determined system status, order suggestions are displayed in the app, which can be placed directly. In this way you ensure that the right parts are always ordered and realize additional proceeds in after sales.

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Data analysis

Visualize the system status and receive meaningful fault reports from your customers in real-time

The dashboard offers you a quick and efficient overview of all collected data and test results. Information can be visualized in freely configurable dashboards and is synchronized in real-time. External databases can also be integrated.

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Complete status evaluation

New knowledge about usage, weak spots and critical areas of your systems

The complete status evaluation of all systems delivered with Reportheld gives you completely new insights into usage, strengths and weaknesses, as well as critical areas of your system. You can also use these results to dynamically revise and expand the digital maintenance manual.

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Maintenance planning

Allow your customers new ways of maintenance planning

With Reportheld, you provide your customers with automatically generated maintenance planning, into which they can also insert other systems and maintenance objects as they wish.

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Your digitized maintenance manual

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