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Reportheld is individual and tailor-made for every use case and therefore versatile.
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Our success stories show you what an implementation with Reportheld can look like:


Energy reports with the iPad

The energy consultants of the electricity works of the Canton of Zurich (EKZ) use the business app Reportheld for consultations. This makes customer meetings easier, more transparent and more efficient.


System maintenance via app

Siemens Energy Management employees are out and about with Reportheld on their smartphones or tablets to check energy systems around the world. This enables a well-founded setting of priorities and effective planning of the maintenance budget.

Consumer goods

Digital quality controls

The Einhell Group operates the quality inspections at its locations in China with the mobile field service app Reportheld. This achieves two goals: time savings and more precise documentation.

Public utilities

Network operation 4.0

The network operation of Stadtwerke Bayreuth digitizes its maintenance and repair work with Reportheld and the operations are prepared with the help of the digital planning board.

Technical service

Maintenance via app

The project developer and wind farm operator ABO Wind AG uses Reportheld to collect data during inspections across Europe. In this way the company achieves significant increases in quality, time and cost efficiency.

Wind energy

Plant inspection via app

Vensys Energy AG uses Reportheld for operational controls, inspections, maintenance and repairs in order to increase the efficiency of the technical field service and to increase the quality of cooperation.