Quality assurance - simple via application

What is the key to an effective quality assurance?  The task should be as easy and intuitive as possible. Reportheld makes audits easy as anything – by  inspection instructions, pictures for reference, error catalogues and makes it fit in seamlessly with your system landscape.

Inspection instructions: Specific for every operation

In quality assurance every audit is different. Depending on the product, the produced amount and addressee, different inspection instructions are necessary and the run length of samples can vary. With Reportheld you automatically get the exact instructions for the specific product, you are currently inspecting.

Integrating error catalogues

Information obtained through quality assurance is precious, when the state, consequences and further information are described detailed. Not until then informative evaluation can be rendered. The gathered data is sorted by an precise error key and can therefore be evaluated in the product development. With Reportheld error catalogues can be easily integrated to your specifications.

Error classification easy as anything due to reference images

With Reportheld you can implement reference images into the application for each inspection value. That is how even less practiced employees can notice and classify an error immediately and without doubt. Needless to say, with high resolution and offline availability.

Collaboration on multiple devices in real time

Thanks to Reportheld, all employees can collaorate on the same report in real time. No matter whether they work on their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. All inputs are synchronized in real time and can are ready to use for everyone. If a device is offline or has a poor connection, the results will be synchronized as soon as it is online again.

Individual dashboards

Data just becomes relevant information if it is edited adequately. With individual configurable dashboards, Reportheld undertakes this task automatically for you and keeps you up to date.

Qualitaetssicherung Software

Integrating external sources of information

Informationen,that is gathered during the qulity assurance is of prime importance.The overall view results from that information and complementing information as collected from external sensors, ERP-systems or customer input in online forms. Due to standardized interfaces that information can be included dynamically into the mobile application or the created report via Reportheld.

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