Reportheld - the digital All-in-One-Solution -  for mobile data acquisition.

You no longer need to read and enter data manually with pen and paper. Thanks to Reportheld the information is gathered by your smartphone or tablet. Our individual framework assures, that you do not need to spare anything. Even more: By adding pictures, technical drawind etc. it becomes a lot easier to edit, file and present the data. In the video we show you, how all of this works with the help of Reportheld.

Gather all kind of data: no matter whether pictures, technical drawings or barcodes. You name it!

Reportheld helps you to gather information digitally on a mobile device during your operation – including text input, pictures or technical drawings. By interfaces those inputs are directly transferred into your CRM and a report in your corporate design will be created.

Writing reports on a friday afternoon are a thing of the past

With Reportheld you collect all information digital on your mobile device during the appointment – regardless of whether it is text input, images or signatures. By an interface, the information is automatically transferred into your CRM and a report, customized to your needs and standards, is created. This is how you can spend your friday afternoons with the family.

App Aussendienst

Individual software with money-back guarantee

Our Smart Mobile Collaboration Solutions are customized for your processes and demands. And not the other way round. That is why we are convinced by the effectivity and acceptance of our solution. If your team is not content with Reportheld  six months after we finished our project, we will refund half of the project costs. Without further discussions.

More Time

By automated processes, Reportheld helps you to save precious time in field services.

Focus upon the client

Focus upon the client and not upon the stack of paper in front of you.

More Teamwork

Work together on documents - device-independent and at any time.

Better Workflow

Work on the device you always carry: your smartphone. Accelerate already existing proceedings or  we will provide our support in process optimization.

Higher Quality

Avoid typical pen and paper mistakes by intelligent templates directly on the smartphone or tablet.

More Efficiency

Forget about the post-processing of reports. Reportheld immediately captures the documents digitally.

Finally Working Paperless

Avoid waste of paper by using Reportheld. Hard copy reports and manuals are a thing of the past now!

100% Data Security

Your data is hosted on exclusively for you established server areas.

Fully Operational - Even Offline

Needless to say, Reportheld is ready-to-use without cell reception. The data will be sychronized automatically as soon as the device goes online.

We love to provide you with professional advice!

We show you how Reportheld can optimize your business, without any engagement.

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Mobile data acquisition

Mobile data acquisition: With Reportheld, the digital solution!

Mountains of data in the company can be challenging. Especially, when it comes to digitalizing processes that worked manually so far, the effective and end-to-end integration of all relevant stocks into a single solution is complex.  Software in the field of data acquisition should keep in mind the mobile aspects, sector-independently: For more and more companies mobile editing has become an important part  – in inspections, logistics and many more. Therefore, Reportheld embodies an intelligent all-in-one solution for medium-sized companies, to  collect data and information and to realize them mobile. The Reportheld app  guides you through every step of the process and provides all necessary input varieties, customized for individual processes. Checklists, barcode scans, text input, images, reports, technical drawings and more can be realized by Reportheld.

Digital data acquisition – benefit from the advantages!

Thanks to Reportheld, employees have access to all process related data on their hardware, just as a Windows PC, mobile smartphone or tablet . The software integrates the data among others through customized reports, for example for taking inventories or inspecting plants, by the input if the engineer or manager.

The amount of input varieties has the advantage that you do not have to go without anything, in comparison to analogue data acquisition. The input can be edited as you like and contains the exact same data and information as on the hard copy. But they are embedded and thanks to real time synchronization available on all supported terminal devices.
This kind of digital task management optimizes many up to now manually done work routines – device independently.

Less expenditure. More possibilities

Our references prove us right: Because of the customization of Reportheld, it optimizes time and efficiency potentials significantly No matter which task, which checklist or which report you want to record: Reportheld transferrs eastablished manual procedures into  digital ones. Our experience in the field of software development and implementation makes us a reliable partner on the road to digitalization. If you want to get to know more about Reportheld, groupXS and our service, you are welcome to contact us  – via mail or phone.