FIELD SERVICE MANAGEMENT with Reportheld. Effective in field service.

Many of the most important operations arise in field service. The company’s challenge consists in the variety of tasks within the field service: planning, organization, realisation, follow-up check and the post-process which have to be assigned to the employees, the management and platforms. In this clutter of processes effectivity might get lost. Reportheld displays a unified platform with individual frameworks for all participants during the field service operation, without relinquishing any functions.
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Writing reports on a friday afternoon are a thing of the past

With Reportheld you collect all information digital on your mobile device during the appointment – regardless of whether it is text input, images or signatures. By an interface, the information is automatically transferred into your CRM and a report, customized to your needs and standards, is created. This is how you can spend your friday afternoons with the family.

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Individual software with money-back guarantee

Our Smart Mobile Collaboration Solutions are customized for your processes and demands. And not the other way round. That is why we are convinced by the effectivity and acceptance of our solution. If your team is not content with Reportheld  six months after we finished our project, we will refund half of the project costs. Without further discussions.

More Time

By automated processes, Reportheld helps you to save precious time in field services.

Focus upon the client

Focus upon the client and not upon the stack of paper in front of you.

More Teamwork

Work together on documents - device-independent and at any time.

Better Workflow

Work on the device you always carry: your smartphone. Accelerate already existing proceedings or  we will provide our support in process optimization.

Higher Quality

Avoid typical pen and paper mistakes by intelligent templates directly on the smartphone or tablet.

More Efficiency

Forget about the post-processing of reports. Reportheld immediately captures the documents digitally.

Finally Working Paperless

Avoid waste of paper by using Reportheld. Hard copy reports and manuals are a thing of the past now!

100% Data Security

Your data is hosted on exclusively for you established server areas.

Fully Operational - Even Offline

Needless to say, Reportheld is ready-to-use without cell reception. The data will be sychronized automatically as soon as the device goes online.

We love to provide you with professional advice!

We show you how Reportheld can optimize your business, without any engagement.

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Factors of success for Field Service Management

To manage decentralized working teams requires a good process structure, regardless of the size of enterprise. This structure will be enriched by Reportheld. If you take care of the following factors of success you will optimize your field service management even more.

  1. Include the Team 

Planning, organizing, check and edit are mostly spread on various employees, management, platforms and competences. Therefore, it is advisible to involve all participants in the entire process and to raise their awareness for the project. During this process it is helpful when the field service management works with a central platform, in the form of a software or application, to which all participants have access, and therefore, get the information they need. The more the inclusion takes place during the entire process of field service management, the higher is the efficiency of each work sequence.

  1. Focus on the task

Just as important as the entire process are the subordinated tasks. Each employee has to know exactly his work sequence  and the tools needed. For the management this finds expression in organizing and supervising the field service, for the field worker in the on site tasks and for the office worker in the data evaluation and editing: All these fields require different competences, which the employees bring along.  An ambitious field service management solution manages to package all this parts reasonably into one software, with no need for add ons. In this way, everyone is  a clearly visible part of the entire process, but with a focus on his own function.

  1. Do not forget the most important!

Digital field service management solutions can cause a large number of workflow improvements in your company. Especially  the office work gets much easier thanks to an intelligent network and centralization.But do not overlook the most important component between all the stationary advantages: the field service performance.  If the field worker does not gain from the software, the best planning and coordinating application does not make sense. Furthermore, a helpful field service management application is geared to mobile requirements like offline functionality, GPS, individual reports, technical drawings and much more. The ease of operation  and the support  by the application have to be made possible, even in difficult work environments.