No more manual editing of reports

Information collected in the field is usually manually processed and evaluated before it is presented to a customer or transferred to other systems. These processes are slow, prone to errors, and complicated. Mobile-First data collection with Reportheld increases your efficiency by avoiding these steps.

Ergebnisse Auswerten

Evaluate results and create reports

All maintenance results are already collected during the inspection and can then be visualized in freely configurable dashboards. The dashboards are synchronized with test inputs every minute and can also be connected to external databases.
The results of the test cases are then output in an automatically generated PDF or Word report. the design of the reports is based entirely on the specifications in your corporate design.

PDF/MS Word/CSV: Your Choice

Test reports can be generated as MS Word or PDF documents, depending on whether the data is sent directly to the customer or is to be edited in the office.
Quantitative analyzes are supported by the CSV export: all data can be output-specific or per location as a CSV table or transferred to your data warehouse.


Output reports in multiple layouts

Depending on which client or which international subsidiary produces a report, the documents can be output in various layouts and / or languages.
Report layouts and languages can also be changed after use – for example, a log can be recorded in English and the report can be generated in French.