An interview on the decision-making process between Reportheld and corporate software

After Reportheld has been in daily use for safety inspections in a Bavarian nuclear power plant for over four years, we looked together at the beginning of the cooperation and in particular at the initial decision-making process.

groupXS : You are the manager of a power plant in Bavaria. In total, around 1 to 2 employees are entrusted with tours around the clock per shift in the power plant. What were the selection criteria for you when you looked for a digitization platform?

Power plant manager : Due to the many permit requirements and requirements regarding operational safety and availability in our power plant, I had special requirements for the platform. I had not found suitable ready-made software that can be downloaded from the App Store. Our requirements included real-time synchronization and that the application should be web-based. In the group we already had pilot applications with a large software provider in a test phase, but it was clear that the implementation would take a lot of time and, due to the group-wide orientation, would offer little flexibility for individual adjustments. That’s why I looked around for a flexible solution for my power plant.

groupXS : Why did you choose Reportheld?

Power plant manager : On the one hand, of course, because Reportheld had already implemented many features that were necessary for us, so that the adjustment effort was relatively low, and on the other hand, because you are a flexible company based in Germany and I can easily manage my specifications and processes could discuss with them. With the group-wide solution, the implementation for the same requirements would have taken significantly longer if it had not been so precisely tailored and, in my experience, would have been significantly more expensive.

groupXS : What added value does working with a digital audit platform give you?

Power plant manager : Working with Reportheld as a digital platform solution has many advantages for us. We don’t need a data carrier to transfer information, we have everything in one system and can continue processing seamlessly on any device. We can insert photos with one click and query the status of the system. In addition, I always have an overview of whether the relevant tours have been completed and can prove this at any time.

groupXS : What is your conclusion after almost four years of cooperation?

Power plant manager : I am very satisfied with Reportheld and the team behind it. Even if bugs occurred during the test phase, you always reacted quickly and thus ensured the functionality. The platform does what it should and allows employees to intuitively and quickly document their tours, plant inspections, tests, etc. We have been working digitally for four years now. Some colleagues from other power plants, however, are still waiting for their software solution.

groupXS : Thank you very much for the feedback and of course for the great cooperation over the past few years.

The interview was conducted by Caroline Bussmann

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