Erlangen/Bayreuth, 4th December 2018 – High tension lines undergo “health check” live, on-site: Siemens Assessments for Energy delivers quick maintenance recommendations for plants to carriers on the basis of the groupXS solution Reportheld – a crucial advantage in the ideal use of maintenance budget

Since October 2018, employees of Siemens Energy Management are in the field to check energy plants worldwide with a new application on their smartphones or tablets. Step by step,
the Siemens Assessments for Energy (short: SAFE) leads them through the maintenance process with predefined criteria and finishes with the so-called SAFE-report: in the course of this, the client gets a report preview directly on site. The detailed report will be sent via mail from the app shortly after.

The foundation for the expeditious and standardized test processes the collaboration software Reportheld by groupXS from Bayreuth, which has been field-tested in various sectors. “With the assessments, our clients obtain information on the status and the estimated life cycle of their plants and whether a service is really necessary.” Tobias Ziesemer, product manager in the Service for Transmission Products at Siemens explains. The objective assessment by predefined criteria allows the plant operator a profound prioritization in the maintenance of equipment and enables effective maintenance budget use.

Inspector and plant operator profit equally

“Up to now, we had to make use of printed checklist on site and type out the results in the office afterward”, sales representative Sven Schwandt recalls. With SAFE all steps are done in one place, well structured and in a fraction of the effort on the tablet or smartphone.
The user interface of the application guides through the processing of the questionnaire, pictures are taken directly with the mobile device and inserted into the report automatically.” Therefore, the client sees a first report preview on-site. After finishing the inspection and testing the report is created inside the app and sent to the client via mail immediately.

SAFE displays the central result in the pattern of a spider chart, which breakdowns the life cycle of plants by core areas and maintenance recommendations by importance and urgency. By the use of automatic realtime synchronization with the server new business portfolio are extrapolated, as the SAFE Remote Services. At this, associates in the back office can remotely assist as experts.

Cross-sector software solution

The basis of this collaborative project is a scientifically ascertained algorithm, which was embedded iteratively into the on-site software solution by the business app experts groupXS – of course in close collaboration with Siemens Energy Management . “ Since June 2017, we work pragmatically and goal-oriented as a team in all stages of the project: from the definitions of the requirements to the agile configuration of the application to the roll-out”, Sebastian Schmidt, executive manager at groupXS says, looking back at the development process. The cross-platform development for iOS and Android devices provides for a smooth implementation, which the developers looked ahead on a large scale. “Also, other highly complex documentation and evaluation processes can be digitized by this tool” Sebastian Schmidt detects. In this manner, Reportheld is further employed on additional processes at Siemens, such as the condition documentation of control systems in grids or safety records.