Today informations can be passed around and edited faster than ever before. At the same time the amount of information is constantly and rapidly growing. Without adjusted data processing that structures and analyzes this information, financial and time deficits arise. Therefore big data tools close the gap between a mountain of data and a systematically modern work flow.

With time especially corporate procedures that require inspections accumulate big amounts of data from stock values, documents and error lists. In most cases this data will usually be documented, archived and edited conventionally through pencil and paper. If you would like to compare for example certain single elements from this wide data collection this means one thing: A respectable amount of work.

Big Data solves this problem. Because it forms an interface between data survey and further electronic processing informations are well organized and instantly accessible for anyone authorized. Data will be machine-readable, bundled and available. This makes it easier, in case of a properly tethered system, to draw valuable conclusions from a huge collection of data.

Profit from Big Data: With Reportheld you can collect information not only extremely fast but also extremely comfortable. Also with Reportheld it’s easier than ever to automatically upload collected data to your data warehouse and interpret it there. This way the whole history of accomplished inspections is visible at first glance, accessible for various database queries thanks to consistent structure and can be combined with more data sources e.g. external surveillance software. That’s why Reportheld in most cases offers not only efficiency but also quality profits considering exams and inspections. Furthermore the obtained overview allows for a faster error-searching process and therefore a higher plant availability.