Natural, cheap and sustainable: Due to these attributes wind energy is often perceived as a pioneering industry by large parts of our society.

With more than 4% of the global power demand, wind energy is no longer a niche market. Still, increasing legal restrictions as well as growing competition cause constant pressure regarding innovation and productivity within the industry.

Especially the recurring inspections and the stateful examinations create an easy- and effective-to-realize potential for an increase in efficiency and quality.

Hereby the spread of smartphones and tablets in combination with custom mobile b2b-applications makes it possible for wind energy operators to profit from digitization. What has already established in sectors like the automobile industry or retail trade can now find its application here. Reportheld supports this with digital check lists and inspection processes. Compared to the previous paper based procedure where the inspector equipped with a clipboard has ticked off a checklist and documented the state through pictures of his digital camera, nowadays this works with a click on a smartphone or tablet. Pictures and videos are captured and shortcomings are recorded on display.

Because of the variety and the large specificity of wind energy plants the keyword „made-to-order“ takes a crucial role. Together with their clients process experts from groupXS elaborate a custom mobile solution that provides useful services not only for maintenance but also for construction of the plants. According to the assessment of classification group DNV GL ( the wind energy sector will experience significant improvements in central areas by 2025 due to this form of automation. With Reportheld companies can already today benefit from this trend thanks to support for digital documentation and live teamwork.