For many companies Excel still is – like the rest of the Office portofolio – an inherent part of everyday work. The advantages are obvious: Microsofts spreadsheets are widespread and intuitively operated. But those two points often mislead about room for improvement at Excel.

Especially with workflows that rely on functioning teamwork the program is easily advised at its own limits. Sharing and editing single spreadsheets by multiple employees is impeded by excel by not supporting live editing by various co-workers. The solution: The file must be manually sent back and forth until all changes are completed. This process is not only laborious and time-consuming, thanks to automatic synchronization from mobile workforce management apps like Reportheld it is already obsolete nowadays. The software is specifically designed for live editing not only by several users but on several devices. With support from tablet, smartphones and desktop computers Reportheld enables teamwork for anyone and on nearly all platforms.

A similar case to live editing is looking for errors in Excel. In many cases finding the exact place in a complex spreadshet where errors slipped in is an endless search by hand. Reportheld  as a modern mobile workforce solution puts emphasis on a made-to-order IT-infrastructure that thanks to individual adaption to the respective company facilitates error-searching greatly. By that compared to the „classic“ solution with Excel Reportheld makes possible for considerable advantages in areas like work quality and usability depending on the field of use.